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About Us

Satyajit Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. a family owned business was established in 1979 under the visionary Mr. Rajesh Diwanji to fulfil the needs of quality conscious agrochemical consumers with prime focus on product innovation and cost effective applications.

It is said in the Ancient Indian Vedas that any living thing survives on the following five natural elements :

  • Water
  • Land
  • Sun
  • Air
  • Fire

Earth, meaning agriculture is the base industry on which India is dependent even in this 21st Century. Water, the most important element occupies almost 70% of Earth and similarly almost 70% of all companies globally deal with water daily for their industrial purpose.

The focal policies on which our organization is based is our name : Satya - Truth (right) and Jit - Victory (win) In a broad sense to offer our customers :

  • Right Product
  • Right Quality
  • Right Price
  • Right Technical Advice
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Our Vision

To be a leader in Chelate chemistry providing solutions Globally...!

Our Mission

To provide customers with effective and affordable solutions through our products

To keep innovating newer-safer-greener products for a better tomorrow

To ensure a sustainable growth creating long term profits and maximizing returns for our stakeholders


2018 – Launch of "direct2farmer.com" portal for e-retailing agri inputs.

2015 – Setting up Maharashtra wide FPO-2FPO model for supply of agri inputs with Sahyadri Farms.

2013 – Launch of agri products in Nashik & Sangli.

2011 – Setting up agri products product line for retailing.

2009 – Launch of spray dried Chelated Micronutrients for supplies to large OEM partners at par with global quality

2005 – Portfolio expansion in Agri Input portfolio with Sea Weed Extract, Amino Acids & Nat-Chel Micros : Lignosulphonates

2003 – Capacity expansion, change in manufacturing technology with new production facility at Khopoli

2000 – Business expansion in WTC with Biocides & Polymers

1995 – Production of full range of Carboxylates � EDTA, NTA, DTPA

1993 – Backward integration to produce EDTA Acid

1991 – Set-up WTC Division with 1st to produce Phosphonate powders in India

1988 – Commercial launch of PGR’s n-triacontanol & Humic Acid

1979 – Established production for Chelated Micronutrients

Incorporated in 1979 to offer the Indian farmer WS-NPK Complex Fertilizers & launch "Micro-SPNS" -
MicroNutrients Integrated Soil – Plant Nutrition System in India

1978 – Introduction of "PolyMax" – The 1st ever NPK 100% WSP

1976 – Launch of "MacroLiq" – The 1ST ever NPK Liquid fertilizer


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205/206-A, Devavrata,
Sector 17, Vashi,
Navi Mumbai - 400703.

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