Water Products

Water Treatment Chemicals - yes they are as important as us !
WATER - One word that shifts your focus straight to People has become so lopsided that its importance has been forgotten when it comes to Industries & Industrial Process Water.
The only reflection seen is in terms of Pollution & Waste Water, leaving behind how important it is to ensure the "Right Quality" for everyday use in our Industries - Boilers, Cooling Water, OilField, Dairy, Metal, Textile
You would be without electricity if a boiler at your city's Thermal Power Plant was down because of "scaling" and since they did not use "AquaSoft 230N" & "PhosMax 6188"
You would be without Air Conditioning if the central Air Conditioning in your office was shut because the Cooling Tower was not "de-algaeted" with "AquaCide BK50"
And you would not open your bottle of Cola if the bottle was not pre-cleaned with "AquaSoft 450"
So its not that Water Quality is important for Human Consumption, our Industries also need the "Right Quality Water" for us to have a smooth, sustainable life in turn.